Non-Lubricated Gear and Roller Systems


Non-lubricated gear and roller systems are an excellent option for mills with low lubrication requirements and low volumes. They are also quieter than lubricated counterparts. Oil-bath lubrication can be costly and produce hazardous waste. Water-containing gear fluids are an excellent alternative.

Gears and rollers can experience distress from a lack of lubrication. The oil film will break down and cause abrasive wear. This is caused by particulate contaminants in the oil. Over time, the gears will degrade, resulting in severe damage to the roller and pinion.

Intech PowerCore Corporation provides custom gear fabrication for a variety of industries. The company offers both standard and custom gear sizes and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Gears can be fabricated from steel, plastics, and other alloys. They also offer reverse engineering and CNC machining capabilities. They can also customize gears for special purposes.

The company also offers a range of other gear and roller solutions, including miniature gears, powdered metal gears, and prototype gears. In addition, they offer electric motor rewinding and machine work, as well as custom fabrication of special application control panels. They also offer rotary table assembly and machine work, electrical motor repair, and machine work.

Besides reducing the rate of wear and preventing excessive stress on gears, lubrication also helps to avoid local welding and destructive rubbing. Hydrostatic lubrication, for example, is a method that improves lubrication in non-metallic gears. It involves applying external pressure to the lubricant inside the bearing in order to maintain a fluid lubricant film.

A small helical gearbox with three shafts and tapered roller bearings was subject to vibration analysis. The vibration pattern indicated that the problem was lubrication-related. It also revealed both inner and outer race bearing faults. Further, the time-waveform showed high-frequency random impacting. This further indicated that the bearing fault had reached a mature stage. Click here to get more info on the pros and cons of these gear systems. 

Non-lubricated gears are subject to micropitting, a process that occurs on gear teeth under heavy loading. It occurs when oil squeezes through microcracks. It is also known as gray staining. The surface of the gear is white or gray depending on how badly the microcracks are formed. If left untreated, micropitting can lead to breakdown of gears.

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